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Artificial stones have been widely used in construction for several years. These stones are becoming more and more popular and are an indispensable material in design. Thus, this decorative material perfectly mimics the properties of natural stones and bricks and is used in the decoration of buildings, as well as in interior design due to its a number of additional advantages.

At the same time, artificial stones weigh less than natural stones. This, in turn, allows you to speed up the installation. Also, artificial stones have a more decorative appearance than natural stones. Because the color shades of natural stones are limited, and in this case we have to be satisfied only with the colors given by nature. This is not a problem when working with artificial stones. These stones, which do not lag behind natural stones in appearance, can be in any color, depending on the requirements of the customer or the designer.

Artificial stones are traditionally used to decorate houses, fences, arches and windows. 

However, artificial stones also give originality to the interior of the following spaces:
  • Bars and restaurants;
  • Billiard halls;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Hotels;
  • Apartments and cottages.

We can say with confidence that artificial stone coatings with a wide range of colors and various decorations are able to give a neat and pleasant look to almost all design work. 

In addition, artificial stone coverings are also used for the design of swimming pools, saunas and other such spaces. Currently, the sale of quality decorative stones in the country's construction market is very active. The prices of the stones may differ depending on the method of preparation. However, the price of artificial stone coatings is very reasonable.


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