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Load excavators are multifunctional equipment and owe their popularity to this feature. These types of excavators are widely used mainly during repair and construction works.

This universal technique is a reliable helper for excavation, lifting and subsequent transportation of heavy loads, bringing the construction site to the required condition, clearing the construction site and digging trenches. In addition, loading excavators are used to clear the area of ​​tree and shrub debris, snow, as well as to lay sewer and gas pipes.

The main advantages of this excavator are high maneuverability and functionality. Load excavators are faster than conventional caterpillar excavators and can move freely in urban conditions. In addition, there are caterpillar types of loading excavators.

However, load excavators are also indispensable for utilities. These techniques are an excellent tool not only during construction, but also for household chores on city and district streets. So, in summer, ditches and ditches are dug in rural areas with the help of this equipment.

Load excavators are divided into the following groups according to their carrying capacity:

· Lightweight (up to 2 tons). Designed for work in narrow and restricted areas;

· Medium (2-4 tons). It is intended for a number of works, such as digging trenches, leveling roadsides, preparing the construction site, and cleaning;

· Heavy (4-10 tons). Can perform the work performed by equipment belonging to the medium-sized group. However, the volume of work here is relatively increased;

· Very heavy (more than 10 tons). Used in quarries and huge construction sites.

Load excavators can do a lot of work, saving both money and manpower. At the same time, despite the fact that these excavators carry out a wide range of work, their prices are very reasonable. Anyone interested in selling these excavators today can look at the ads in the online catalog and choose the most suitable offer. Also, small construction companies that do not need to buy this equipment can improve the quality of the work process by renting loader excavators. Rental of excavators is very profitable for this category of customers.

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