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Gypsum is a very popular material in the construction industry. Thus, this material is widely used in decorative and plastering works. Gypsum partitions also help in the preparation of tiles, tiles and paddocks and various details.

Construction gypsum is mainly used in the interior of the building for plastering and preparation of gypsum-based products. This fine-grained and powdery material is usually white or gray in color. Occasionally there are yellow or pink types of gypsum. The smell of gypsum is very weak and can increase with the addition of water. When the gypsum product dries, it turns white or light yellow. As a result, when we touch the gypsum product, we encounter a smooth surface. In addition, fine gypsum is mainly used for facade works.

It is also necessary to start using gypsum for various purposes without delay when adding it to the required level.

When choosing a gypsum product, customers first decide on factors such as its price, ease of use and quick hardening. However, we must not forget that when choosing a quality plaster, it is necessary to pay attention to other features.

Thus, we can note the following positive properties of construction gypsum:
  • It is an environmentally friendly material and does not contain harmful substances. It also helps maintain an appropriate microclimate in the area where it is applied.
  • Long lasting. Buildings made and made of this material can withstand 15-20 freeze-thaw cycles. These structures are particularly durable in the absence of a sudden drop in temperature in dry climates.
  • Safe in terms of fire. Gypsum is a non-combustible material in itself and can withstand temperatures of 600-700 ° C for a long time.
  • Low thermal conductivity. For this reason, gypsum can be used to heat spaces.
  • Accessibility. The price is cheap and it is possible to find a gypsum product in the market that suits the budget of each customer.

It should be noted that the sale of gypsum in Baku is one of the most frequent sales. There are all kinds of cheap gypsum in the construction market of the country and the city. Gypsum products can be purchased both wholesale and retail.

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