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Polycarbonate is widely used in industry and in our daily lives, as it is more practical and durable than other materials. Polycarbonate boards can be of different colors and thicknesses. At the same time, these products have different degrees of transparency and strength and show high resistance to external influences.

In modern times, it is difficult to imagine our lives without plastic material. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic material widely used in construction.

Thus, lightweight polycarbonate boards are used in the construction of sheds, sheds, greenhouses, car sheds, fences and other areas.

The following types of polycarbonate are used for all these purposes:
  • Porous;
  • Monolith;
  • Relief;
  • Wavy.

All four types of polycarbonate material are used in different fields. For example, porous polycarbonate boards are used in the construction of greenhouses, storage facilities and winter gardens. No, it is better to use embossed polycarbonates if roofing is required for a shed, parking lot or a place that will be systematically affected. This type of polycarbonate is the strongest due to its shape. Wavy and embossed polycarbonates can be essentially the same type.

It is recommended to use monolithic boards for showcases and billboards, which may be subject to certain shocks by outsiders. These boards are as strong as embossed polycarbonates. However, the only difference is that these boards have a smooth surface. In any case, this polycarbonate material is resistant to strong shocks.

At the same time, these high-quality polycarbonates are widely used as roofing in construction and agriculture. Also, as mentioned above, these unbreakable polycarbonate sheets can be used to create bus stops, road signs, security lines, as well as car headlights.

Today, in addition to domestically produced polycarbonate material, Turkish and Russian products are also found in the country's construction market. Locally produced samples do not lag behind foreign products. As we have mentioned, there are several types of polycarbonate boards and the customer is sometimes faced with a difficult choice. Professional sellers of polycarbonate have the ability to solve this problem on the spot and provide the customer with all the necessary information. Prices for polycarbonate boards in the market are satisfactory for all customers. Thanks to the low-cost polycarbonate boards, every customer has the opportunity to buy a material that meets their requirements.


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