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Grapples are special equipment capable of performing a wide variety of tasks related to construction, excavation and transport. There is a great demand for the sale and rental of grabs in the cities and regions of the country, including Baku.

Grapples are widely used in the construction and repair of roads and airfields. This technique plays an important role in the line of road and asphalt construction machines.

Also, with the help of this equipment, various areas are leveled, the soil and other surfaces are leveled. However, graphs are also indispensable in the construction of roads, roadsides, clearing the area from snow and unnecessary building materials when laying asphalt.

The applications for this large-scale technique don't end there. Thus, grabs are an excellent assistant in the construction of railway, hydraulic, irrigation, land reclamation and other structures.

Grapples, first introduced at the end of the 19th century, are today distinguished from other techniques by their high performance, good maneuverability and ease of use.

The modern road construction process is very difficult to imagine without schedules. Therefore, according to experts, sales of grabs and other road equipment will continue to grow. Currently, the increase in the number of newly built and repaired roads in Baku and other regions justifies the claims of experts.

Grapples are divided into several types by weight, engine power, and bucket size:

Light. These grabs are equipped with a bucket with a length of 2500-3000 mm and a weight of up to 9 tons. Engine power 80 kW.

Average. These grapples weigh 13 tons and have an engine power of up to 130 kW. This technique is also equipped with buckets with a length of 3000-3500 mm.

Heavy. This type of grab is very heavy. Thus, this type of grab weighs 19 tons. Also, the power of this type of engine reaches 185 kW, and the size of the buckets is 3500-4500 mm.

• Very heavy. These grapples are of maximum weight, strength and size.

When choosing a grab in Baku and other regions of the country, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics, functionality and efficiency of this technique in different conditions. This technique will help to facilitate and speed up the implementation of any task within the activity.

Today in the construction market of our country it is very easy to order and receive a grab with high maneuverability and other advantages. All that is required of customers is to make the most appropriate choice by examining the offers and prices in the market.

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