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Lime has a special place among building materials and is widely used for a number of purposes. First of all, it should be noted that lime is an important component of concrete and construction mortars. Almost all components of this material of natural origin are used during processing. Lime may also contain small amounts of mineral additives and clay.

However, this material is widely used in construction because it is easily accessible. Lime, which is part of many products, makes this material more durable and highly water resistant. The useful properties of this material are also used for the preparation of special solutions for road construction.

Lime is mainly used in the field of construction for the following works:
  • For bleaching various elements. When lime is mixed with water, we get a perfect bleaching solution. With this mixture it is possible to whiten walls, ceilings and other elements both inside and outside the building. In many cases, the walls of the basement are whitewashed with lime. This, in turn, allows you to disinfect the basement and give it a clean look. The reason for such widespread use of lime is its low cost and longevity.
  • For plastering. The use of slaked lime for plastering is very widespread.
  • To improve the elasticity of construction mortars. When lime is added to construction mortars, their elasticity is further improved and additional flexibility is provided during use, and so on.

As mentioned above, this environmentally friendly material is also used to disinfect spaces. Thus, when lime is applied to any surface, mold and mildew do not form on that coating. For this reason, when possible, it is advisable to use lime instead of other materials during construction.

Lime is sold in almost all shops selling construction products in Baku. Customers have a chance to make the repair work better and healthier by buying this product, which is profitable in many ways.

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