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Truck cranes are very popular in the world today, and this is not in vain. These techniques combine high maneuverability and transience skills and good load handling characteristics. Truck cranes are an indispensable tool in many repair and construction works where it is not possible to use traditional equipment.

In addition to the above-mentioned positive features, truck cranes have a number of other advantages. As an example, we can say with confidence that these techniques are highly durable and can move freely without a specially designated road. Also, due to their relatively small size, truck cranes can be transported by rail. However, it is very easy to use and can be easily operated by only one person.

These machines are located on trucks or platforms specially designed in the form of cars and carry certain loads.

In addition, cranes are used to perform a large number of tasks due to their superior technical features:

· As construction equipment during construction and repair;

· Laying of pipes and other communications;

· Assembly of metal structures;

· Installation and dismantling of large billboards;

· Loading and unloading of any cargo within the scope of technical capabilities;

· Execution of road or utility works;

· Construction of bridges;

· Emergency rescue operations;

· Use in urban areas with limited mobility;

· In hard-to-reach places;

When choosing a truck crane for any job, you need to pay attention to several indicators. These are the load-carrying capacity of the equipment, the level of height at which the load is lifted, the speed of work, the dimensions of the equipment, etc.

Today, one of the most in-demand construction services in many parts of the country, especially in Baku, is the rental of truck cranes. This service is widely used by both large companies and individuals. The reason for this is very simple. The lack of such equipment creates many problems during the construction of even one-storey buildings with reinforced concrete coverings. Also, a truck crane is needed at every stage of the construction process. To get rid of all these problems, it is enough to look at the ads on the market and rent a truck crane. At this time, you can get truck cranes for both daily and monthly use.

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