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It is no secret that vehicles are the most widely used means of transportation in our country. Vehicle transportation accounts for almost the majority of total freight traffic across the country.
Cargo transportation up to 5 tons is the most popular service in the transport market. This volume of cargo is transported both within the city and in the regions.
Also, the freight service of up to 5 tons is the most optimal option for many small companies and firms. This volume of freight service is one of the best options for small and medium businesses.
The main advantage of trucks up to 5 tons is that the bodies can be in many different shapes. This feature allows you to choose the most suitable car for specific orders and make the transportation process as comfortable as possible. These cars are isothermal, refrigerated, containerized, etc. can be of the type. Remember that the car must be selected according to the classification of the cargo to be transported. For example, isothermal or refrigerated trucks are widely used in the transportation of food products, which require special transport conditions.

Carrying service of up to 5 tons is used for transportation of the following cargoes:
  • Furniture, household appliances and other household items;
  • Computers and office equipment;
  • Medicines;
  • Drinks;
  • Cement, concrete, sawn stone (cubic), brick and other construction materials;
  • Meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and other foods, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned cargoes, other large cargoes are also transported by trucks with a capacity of up to 5 tons. Not having a big truck to carry any load is no longer a problem. In the transportation market, there are suitable offers for both small and medium business owners, as well as for any customer who wants to move their home or office. There are many offers for ordering and renting trucks in our country, and the only choice from the customer is to choose a car that fits the required load.
In addition, the prices of up to 5 tons of cargo in the transportation market are quite reasonable, and such transportation is affordable for every customer.

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